Monument Valley Hotel Experience

Anybody who travels on a fairly regular basis knows that all the hotels eventually start to look the same and tend to offer the same types of amenities.  For this reason, the most important aspect of the hotel, the number one factor that determines how much you enjoy your stay, is what the hotel has to offer outside your hotel room door.  At Goulding’s Monumentt Valley Hotel the views are what will make your stay worthwhile and the overall hotel experience will be your reason for returning in the future. 

Monument Valley Hotel Rooms

The hotel rooms at Goulding’s are clean and comfortable and provide the perfect views for taking in the breathtaking Monument Valley scenery.  Each room has a private patio or balcony from which you can enjoy enchanting views of some of the area’s most famous landmarks, including Stagecoach and Eagle Mesa. 

The spacious rooms all include a seating area and feature either two queens or one king bed.  Some of these units are in the original lodge building, dating back to the property’s early years.  In-room amenities consist of WIFI, Dish TV, a refrigerator and a Keurig coffee make.  This is essentially everything you need for a comfortable place to relax after a long day of exploring. 

Dining in Monument Valley

It isn’t every day that you get to enjoy a unique meal with local flavors but at Gulding’s Monument Valley you will find exactly that.  The Stagecoach Restaurant is a simple establishment situated within the hillside, with views that are far from your usual.  Visit for the delicious Navajo and Southwestern dishes and stay for the scenery just outside the restaurant windows.

What to see and do in Monument Valley

If you have actively made the decision to visit the Monument Valley area then you no doubt made that decision based on the breathtaking landscapes that sweep the area.  And although much of your time will likely be spent exploring your surroundings, there is plenty more to do during your stay at Goulding’s.  Some of your options include:

  • Guided Tours
  • Visiting Goulding’s Trading Post Museum
  • A Movie at the Earth Spirit Theater

There is even more to do off-site and your stay gains you access to the Tribal Park.  The staff at Goulding’s can help you find other activities to keep you going for your entire vacation.

Hotel Amenities

Aside from all of the great amenities already mentioned, there are some additional creature comforts that will make your stay even better.  For all of your shopping needs there is a convenience store and grocery store onsite, as well as a gas station to fill up at before heading out for your many adventures.  There is also a laundromat for guest use, which is ideal for those staying extended periods.  Bathrooms are available near the camping areas for guest convenience and to refresh and cool off on those hot days all guests will have access to the property’s indoor pool. 

A lot of resorts have multiple amenities but your hotel experience at Goulding’s will include so much more.  The property has the feel of being its own little village, with everything Monument Valley has to offer right outside your door. 

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