What to Expect During Your Hotel Stay

Monument Valley is a beautiful area with astonishing desert scenery that could take days to explore if you want to see everything.  Staying nearby gives you the best opportunity to see as much of it as you possibly can and Goulding’s is a great place to begin and end that adventure.  Not only do you have options in regards to accommodations at Goulding’s Monument Valley Hotel but a variety of activities to choose from, either onsite or off-site but booked through the Goulding’s tours office. 

It doesn’t get much better than being able to have everything that Monument Valley has to offer right at your fingertips but you will still want to plan for your trip.  There is not a lot around in the area because much of the land is owned by the Navajo people, so being prepared is important if you don’t want to spend a lot of time driving.  Knowing what to expect during your hotel stay at Goulding’s will help you decide what to bring and what to wait to get after arriving.

What is the weather like at Goulding’s hotel?

Goulding’s is located in the heart of Monument Valley which is made up of a red sand desert that stretches as far as the eye can see.  While one generally tends to think of the desert as being hot it is important to note that it can get cold as well.  The weather can also change fairly quickly and varies considerably between night and day.  If you will be spending time outside you should come prepared for whichever kind of weather you plan to explore in. 

How far away is a store from the hotel?

While you won’t find any nearby big box stores or well-known grocers, there is a convenience store and a grocery store right on the Goulding’s property.  You can find many of the necessities you need at one or the other, including stuff to make smores in the evening.

Is there anywhere on the property to go swimming?

Being that you will be in the desert you won’t find any natural swimming holes anywhere nearby but you can go swimming at Goulding’s.  The property features an indoor swimming pool that hotel guests, in addition to all other guests, can enjoy.

What dining options are there on the property?

There is one restaurant on the Goulding’s property, the Stagecoach Restaurant, that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.  The Stagecoach serves up Navajo fry bread and some Southwestern specialties, in addition to other things.  It also boasts unbelievable views of some of the best formations in Monument Valley. 

What amenities does the hotel have?

In addition to all of the great amenities listed above there are some other modern conveniences you can enjoy during your hotel stay, like complimentary WIFI, cable and bathing amenities.  There is also a theater that shows John Wayne movies and a fantastic museum, as well as the opportunity to book Navajo guided tours without leaving the property.

When visiting Monument Valley, the landscape is what you go to see, but during your hotel stay at Goulding’s you will find even more fun with the many activities that you can plan on the property.  Take the time to explore but don’t be afraid to just sit back and relax and enjoy the Goulding’s Monument Valley amenities.

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